Dr. Thiagarajan Honored by SNAME

Dr. Thiagarajan will receive three awards from the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) at the President’s Luncheon on Friday, November 5 in Bellevue, Washington.

70_Thiagarajan-K_120815_AK_DSC_4686-423x634Dr. Thiagarajan has been elected to the prestigious grade of SNAME Fellow, been named Faculty Advisor of the Year, and been recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Fellow is a grade of membership in SNAME that recognizes outstanding personal contributions to naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, or allied disciplines through significant achievements in design, research, production, operation, education or associated management.

The Faculty Advisor of the Year Award is presented to a Faculty Advisor from a SNAME Student Section whose leadership and service qualities have contributed to the program and operations of a Student Section of the Society, as recommended by the Student Steering Committee.

In addition to this recognition, and thanks to a generous donation by Bruce and Dorothy Rylander Johnson, a $5,000 Scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student member from the University of Maine Student Section.

Dr. Thiagarajan also received a Certificate of Appreciation for serving as the Co-Chairman, Technical Program of the World Maritime Technology Conference 2015.

Dr. Thiagarajan
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