Teacher Wayne Rathbun Inducted into the Francis Crowe Society

Each year, we survey our first-year engineering students and ask them to name one person who greatly impacted their schooling and their decision to study engineering. We choose two names that are mentioned the most.

This year, the teachers we are so pleased to recognize are Wayne Rathbun of Windham High School and Jamie Bell of Caribou High School.

On May 23rd, Dean Dana Humphrey went to Windham HS and inducted Wayne Rathbun into the Francis Crowe Society and recognized the impact he has made to inspire future engineers.

Wayne Rathbun has been teaching physics at Windham High School for the last 9 years. He has earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Gordon College and a Masters in Arts and Teaching degree from University of New Hampshire. He has been teaching for 19 years. As a teacher at Windham High School,  he has taught all levels of physics as well as astronomy. He aims to make his physics classes rigorous and fun. Mr. Rathbun lives in Gorham with his wife and three daughters. His hobbies include fishing, timber framing, hiking, mountain biking, camping and ice hockey on his backyard rink (at which his daughters can regularly beat him). He has been known to engage in automotive, tractor, and small engine repair as well as firewood and beam cutting.

“I am not surprised at all that Mr. Rathbun is being recognized for this award.  Over his time as a physics teacher, Wayne has developed a curriculum that allows students to fully explore the important concepts in a deep and meaningful way. His classes are filled with multiple real world examples of practical applications of how concepts are applied.  The ability to apply physics to real world examples are also reinforced through Wayne’s personal experiences of applying “Yankee Ingenuity” to solve problems.  Through Wayne’s classes, students are exposed to multiple vocational opportunities under the umbrella of engineering.  Through the high level of interest that he generates, I am not surprised that students want to pursue a major in this area,” says Principal Christopher Howell of Windham High School.

Next week, Dana will go to Caribou to recognize and induct Jamie Bell at Caribou HS. Congratulations!