GEE 230 Intro to Engineering Leadership & Management

GEE 230 Introduction to Engineering Leadership and Management
1 cr.
Mondays  Section 0001 1:00-1:50 & Section 0002 2:00-2:50 PM
Employers are looking for leaders with technical skills not just great engineers!
Why do you need strong leadership skills?
   – Increases your job opportunities
   – Increases your advancement potential
   – Increases your pay
   – Increases your job satisfaction
When will you need leadership skills?
    – Senior class project
    – Summer internship
    – Day one in your first engineering job
    – Your last day on the job when you retire
    – Every day in between
You may be thinking:
“I wasn’t born a leader, I’m scr~#ed!!!!!”  But have no fear leadership is a learned skill just like second-order differential equations, except a lot easier, way more fun, and a skill that you will use EVERY DAY.  [Note: I guarantee that you will not be using second-order differential equations every day of your engineering career.  I’m sure that this makes 99.9999999% of you very happy.]
How do you learn leadership skills?
Take GEE 230 Introduction to Engineering Leadership and Management.  This is a one-credit course where you learn and practice leadership skills.  There are two different sections on Mondays: 1:00-1:50 PM and 2:00-2:50 PM
Who teaches the course?
Yours truly, Dana Humphrey, Dean of Engineering  [Note: you don’t get extra points for taking a course from the dean, but sometimes it helps to know the boss.]
What will you learn in GEE 230?
– Difference between leadership and management
– How not to be a seagull manager [Note: seagull managers fly in, make lots of noise, craps on everyone, and then fly out]
– Your leadership style
– How to lead people with different personalities, needs, and skill levels
– How to motivate people (and it is a lot more than just $$$!)
– Effective one-to-one communication
– How to make good decisions
– How to use intuition to make decisions [Note: you can’t get all the answers you need by plugging numbers into an equation or developing a flow chart with eight million branches.  It is also not acceptable to just make a SWAG – scientific wild ass guess.]
– Team building
– Professional responsibility and ethics
As part of this course you will also get to meet some great engineering leaders.
So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!!