2022 Distinguished Engineer – Bill Nunan ‘88 Civil & Environmental Engineering

Bill Nunan completed his undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering here at the University of Maine (UMaine) in 1988. At the time of graduation, he was named the outstanding graduate of the CIE program. His academic accomplishments at UMaine also included extensive research as part of the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program under the supervision of Professor Mo Elgaaly. His research led to a co-authored article in the American Society of Civil Engineers’ prestigious Journal of Structural Engineering.

Upon graduation, Bill embarked on a career in the United States Navy as a nuclear-trained Submarine Officer. Bill completed Masters-equivalent advanced training in Nuclear Propulsion Systems Operations preparing him to serve on a Ballistic Missile Submarine and lead its decommissioning as Plant Engineer in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In 1994, Bill decided to pursue graduate studies and completed two degrees in succession, an MS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Michigan State University. He also studied Power Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich.

Bill’s transition to the industry started with work at the Ford Motor Company, followed by leadership roles in several Vertical software companies in the automotive, airline, property management, and field service industries. Bill is the past CEO of Real Green Systems, Zego, and Insidia Venture Services where he has coached a number of entrepreneurs developing vertical software solutions. Known for his deep functional expertise in global software company sales, marketing, strategic planning, corporate development, finance, product management, and operations, Bill has established himself as a highly successful and effective leader in the 21st-century landscape of IT businesses in the US and abroad. He is passionate about building high-performance and scalable leadership teams and has been repeatedly selected to successfully lead challenging business transformations and software modernization efforts.

Over the past year, Bill has moved back to his home state of Maine and is devoting his talents and expertise to stimulating economic development in the state through venture capital investments while coaching CEO’s through his Board Director roles.

In his spare time, Bill collects and restores wooden lobster boats–an iconic symbol of Maine’s rich history. He is also working on restoring a revolutionary war-era saltwater farm in Jonesport, Maine. Finally, as an avid traveler, he has already visited 71 countries, and one day hopes to achieve his goal of 150.