5-Year MBA Program

leadership_1Imagine getting your undergraduate degree in engineering AND a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in just five years! Now you can if you are a non-business major in most of the engineering departments at the College of Engineering.

The following engineering departments offer the 5-Year MBA Program for their degree programs:

Please contact each department individually for more information on this opportunity.


Before the MBA program revision in 2004, the Maine Business School had agreements with several units on campus to offer a “5-Year MBA.” This was little more than telling the students to get a business minor and apply for the MBA in their senior year. At that time, our MBA was a 30-credit program.

Because of the increased number of graduate credits (42) in our MBA program and the reduced, more streamlined undergraduate foundation, a 5-Year MBA with the revised program involves a new approach.

Summary Description:

The Maine Business School five-year MBA provides UMaine non-business students the opportunity to complete the MBA program in one academic year, two summer terms, and the incorporation of required undergraduate prerequisites during the students undergraduate program of study. Students will be advised to take certain courses during their undergraduate program. Students will apply for admission into the MBA during the spring semester of their third year with strict minimums on GPA and GMAT, and then as seniors, accepted students are allowed to take two graduate courses along with their undergraduate courses. The program is NOT open to business undergraduates. The graduate courses do not count toward a student’s undergraduate requirements. This program is only available to students who will be starting the MBA studies following a May graduation.

Eligible Programs:

The five-year MBA only applies to students in non-business programs or colleges with which we have an agreement. Interested students will be asked to fill out a “declaration of interest” form as soon as they decide to pursue the program, so that we can advise them and keep them informed of any program changes. It also allows us to inform students if they do not qualify. The form is not an application or an agreement for admission, but is intended to identify students interested in considering the MBA in the fifth year. By accepting the form, the Maine Business School implies nothing about possible admission to the MBA program in the future.

Undergraduate Preparation:

Students will be required to complete ECO 120 (Principles of Microeconomics) and ECO 121 (Principles of Macroeconomics), a statistics course (MAT 215 or 232 or their own program’s equivalent), BUA 201 (Financial Accounting) and 202 (Managerial Accounting), and 350 (Principles of Finance) during their undergraduate program. Students will take our online tutorials after graduation for any other foundation areas not covered in their classes.


Students in the five-year MBA program are eligible to apply for admission in the spring semester of their junior year, provided they have completed 75 credits toward graduation. At the time of application, they must have a minimum GPA of 3.2, and they must maintain this GPA in order to retain eligibility to take two graduate courses as a senior. Prior to an admissions decision, the student must take the GMAT and achieve a minimum score of 550. (Students who do not meet these minimums may have their applications held for consideration for the normal post-baccalaureate admission process.)

Except for the timing, students will follow the normal application process (GMAT, letters of recommendation, transcripts and submission of the online application form.)

Accepted Students:

If accepted into the five-year MBA program and thus “pre-approved” for MBA admission, students are eligible to take two graduate-level courses during their senior year. Course selection will be limited to a few options, and will be decided upon in consultation with the business school graduate program director.

After the students complete their undergraduate requirements and successfully complete their one or two MBA courses, they will be officially admitted into the MBA program (prior to this they are accepted but not admitted) and can proceed with no limitations.

What this accomplishes:

This program allows students from non-business undergraduate programs to end their senior year needing 33 graduate credits (rather than 42). May graduates who are accepted into this program will take Residency Week, one or two summer electives, online tutorials for any needed foundation courses, and possibly an internship during the first summer.

We gain quality students from a diverse set of backgrounds and renew our commitment to work with other programs on campus.