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All students who transfer to the College of Engineering from another institution must earn a minimum of 30 credit hours through the college to qualify for a B.S. degree from the University of Maine. Credits from military service schools do not transfer. Normally credits from associate degree programs may be used for elective credits only. Associate Degree level mathematics and science courses do not fulfill the requirements for the B.S. program. CLEP credit can be granted for the appropriate subject exams. Given these limitations, you will find that most courses with appropriate content, at appropriate levels, will transfer.

Transferring credits for comparable courses taken at other universities is relatively straightforward and easy. Degree credit will normally be allowed for courses in which grades of “C” or above have been received. Evaluation of such courses for approval of degree credit and possible equivalency rests with the Associate Dean of the College of Engineering.

University of Maine Transfer Information.

Contact Associate Dean Mohamad Musavi for more information:

Associate Dean
Mohamad Musavi
Phone: 207.581.2218
Fax: .207.581.2220