Engineering Masters Degree


A masters degree will boost your skills and can improve your marketability for a job as well as enhance your future promotion potential.  Due to COVID-19 selected courses are being offered online while others are traditional face-to-face (F2F).  Depending on the courses you choose, you may be able to take all Fall’20 courses on-line or only travel to campus a few days a week offering more flexibility than normal.  Online vs. F2F offerings in Spring 2021 and beyond will depend on COVID-19 health related conditions and demand for the courses.  In most cases, students who study full-time can complete a non-thesis masters degree in one year.  There are two major degree options as described below.  In addition, students can take one or more advanced engineering courses as a non-degree student or pursue a 12-credit graduate certificate in Composite Materials and Structures[1].

  • If you are interested in furthering both your engineering knowledge and gaining valuable business skills, consider a Professional Science Masters in Engineering and Business (PSMEB). This is 30 credits total and consists of the course mix listed below.  At least 12 credits must be 500-level and above. Courses must be selected in consultation with the student’s assigned graduate advisor.
    • GEE 586[3] Advanced Project Management (100% online – Fall 2020)
    • 12 credits of advanced engineering courses
    • 9 credits of business courses selected from these courses
      • ACC 400 Introduction to Accounting (100% online – Summer 2021)
      • MBA 601 Data Analysis for Business (100% online – Fall 2020)
      • MBA 620 Law, Business and Society (100% online – Spring 2021)
      • MBA 626 Management of Contemporary Organizations (100% online – Spring 2021)
      • MBA 670 Managerial Marketing (TBD)
    • GEE 694 Professional Science Masters in Engineering and Business Internship (6 credits)


Course Web/online Blended (online and face-to-face) Live (face-to-face)
Asynchronous Synchronous
BEN 401 App in Biomed Eng X X
BEN 403 Instr in Biomed Eng X X
BEN 477 Elmts in Biomed Eng X X
BEN 478 Biomed Engr Design I X X
BEN 498 Bio/Image Analysis Pt 2 X X
CET 412 Sustain Pop T Envir Design X
CET 458 Management of Construction X X
CET 462 Construc Plan & Scheduling X
CIE 425 Transportation Safety X
CIE 426 Advanced Roadway Design X
CIE 430 Water Treatment X
CIE 430 (lab) X
CIE 443 Structural Design II X
CIE 455 Hydrology X
CIE 460 Geotechnical Engineering X
CIE 537 Water Pollution X
CIE 543 Intro to Composite Mat in CE X
CIE 544 Des of Wood & Masonry Struc X
CIE 544 lab X
CIE/MEE 549 Numerical Meth in Eng X
CIE 552 Physical Hydrology X
CIE 558 Coastal Engineering X
CIE 598 CE Systems and Optimization X
CIE 598 Rock Mechanics X
CIE 598 Ntrl Systems Hydrodynamics X
CHE 410 Advanced Materials X X
CHE 477 Elements of Chem Eng Des X
CHE 478 Analysis/Simul/Syn Chem X
CHE 561 Adv Chemical Eng Kinetics X
CHE 598 Prin Heterogeneous Catalysis X X
ECE 427 Electric Power Systems X X
ECE 427 (lab) Electric Power Systems X X
ECE 445 Analysis/Des Dig Integ Cir X
ECE 453 Microwave Engineering X
ECE 462 Intro Basic Semicond Devices X
ECE 465 Intro to Sensors X
ECE 466 Sensor Tech & Instr X
ECE 471 Embedded Systems X
ECE 473 Computer Arch & Org X
ECE 473 (lab) X
ECE 478 Industrial Computer Control X
ECE 498 Intro to Python (1 credit) X
ECE 498 Programming in Python (2 cr.) X
ECE 523 Math Methods in Elec Eng X
ECE 543 Microelectronic Devices I X
ECE 565 Solid State Device Theory I X
ECE 571 Adv Microproc-Based Design X
ECE 573 Microprogramming X
ECE 598 Deep Learning X
EET 414 Intro Printed Circuit Boards X
EET 415 Automation & Integration X
EET 422 Power Systems Analysis X
EET 460 Renew Energy & Elect Prod X
EET 484 Engineering Economics X
GEE 586 Adv Project Management X
MEE 432 Heat Transfer X
MEE 448 Fixed Wing Aircraft X
MEE 455 Advanced Strength X
MEE 459 Engineering Optimization X
MEE 471 Mechanical Vibrations X
MEE 484 Power Plant Design X
MEE 489/565 Offshore Floating Design X
MEE 490 Modern Control Theory X
MEE 546 Finite Elem/Solid Mech X
MEE 550 Mech Lam/Comp/Struc X
MEE 557 Intro Continuum Mech X X
MEE 559 Engineering Optimization X
MEE 590 Modern Control Theory X
PHY 451 Mechanics X
PHY 454 Electricity and Magnetism 1 X
PHY 469 Quantum and Atomic Physics X
PHY 472 Geometrical & Fourier Optics X
PHY 480 Physics of Materials X
PHY 501 Mechanics X
PHY 574 Methods of Th Physics I X
PHY 575 Methods of Th Physics II X
PHY 603 Quantum Mechanics II X
SVT 437 Practical GPS X
SVT 451 Survey Business Law X
SVT 475 Small Business Management X
SVT 501 Adv Adjustment Comp X
SVT 511 Geodetic US Public Lnd Srv X


  • Application information
    • Application for graduate school may be found at:
    • MS students apply to the program/department they wish to major in.
    • PSMEB students must selected a home department for their engineering concentration and apply to that department.
    • GRE requirements
      • Requirements to take the GRE depends on the program the student selects, the desired degree, and performance as an undergraduate. Contact the graduate coordinator in your major/home department to see if GRE will be waived for you.   Graduate coordinators are listed below:



[2] 36 credit hours required for Master of Engineering Physics.

[3] In the past, this was listed as GEE 486