FE and PE Exams

Initial Licensure with NCEES Record

Applicants for initial (first-time) licensure with a current NCEES Record (including transcripts, FE exam, work experience, and PE references) must:

  1. Pay NCEES to transmit your NCEES Record to Maine;
  2. Complete the online application and payment. 

Please Note: The online application will remind you to send your NCEES Record even if you have already sent it. The state database and the NCEES database are two separate database systems that do not talk to each other. Board staff will match your application and NCEES Record. Staff will reach out to you if your application is incomplete.

Initial Licensure with separate supporting documents

Applicants for initial (first-time) licensure as a PE in Maine must submit the following:

NOTE: All documents in support of your application should be emailed directly to the board at professional.engineers@maine.gov.

  1. Completed online application and payment of the application and licensure fee.
  2. Official transcripts sent directly to the board from your school showing a four-year degree in (Maine EI skip this–we have it):
    • Bachelor of Science degree from an ABET-accredited engineering or engineering technology program or equivalent (Note: Equivalency is determined against the NCEES Education Standard); or
    • Bachelor of Science in engineering, engineering technology or an allied science (i.e. Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.).
  3. Passing result on the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam (Maine EI skip this–we have it).
  4. Passing result on the NCEES Principles and Practices of Engineering examination. (May be taken at any point after passing the NCEES FE Exam.)
  5. Engineering Employment Verification Forms (PDF) Sent directly to the board by the verifier. Experience required: accredited–4 yrs.; non-accredited or related science–8 yrs. 
  6. PE Reference Form (PDF) References send the form directly to the board. You need 5 references. At least 3 must be from licensed PEs–they are not required to be from Maine or in your discipline.
  7. Your license will be granted upon completion of licensure requirements.