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Maine College of Engineering and Computing students have the opportunity to do meaningful research alongside faculty in such areas as renewable energy, biofuels, robotics and biomedicine. Senior capstone projects provide students with key competition and team-building experiences, and professors —not graduate students — teach classes. An annual engineering job fair is held on campus, where top companies come to hire UMaine engineers. Nationwide, nearly 250,000 new engineering and computing jobs are projected to be created in the next 10 years, and top companies, including General Dynamics, Fairchild Semiconductor, Procter & Gamble and NASA, compete for UMaine talent. 

Apply Today For your intended major, choose from among any of the undergraduate engineering and computing programs or simply state “MCEC” on the form if you wish to take some time to decide. Additional information about admission to the University of Maine, can be obtained from the Office of Admission.



Discover Your Future at the Maine College of Engineering and Computing at the University of Maine! Our graduates are changing the world all of the time! Engineers and computing graduates create innovative and practical solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges and they work with other smart, inspiring people to invent, design and build things that matter and make a difference!

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Computing and Information Sciences:

Undeclared Engineering Program
If you think you want to be an engineer, but are not sure which field….no problem. In the Undeclared Engineering program, you will start off with a series of courses that will count no matter which engineering program you ultimately choose. 

Contact Associate Dean Mohamad Musavi at 207.581.2218 or for more information.

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