Honors College

The University of Maine Honors College is especially well-suited for engineering majors who are interested in interdisciplinary course and interaction with students outside the field of engineering. Honors course work expands the educational experience in the humanities and social sciences and also allows engineering students to explore their own majors in greater depth than is possible with a traditional schedule. The Honors curriculum satisfies all of UMaine’s general education requirements except math and science.

To graduate with Honors, students must complete a minimum of seven HON courses. The Honors Thesis is built around HON 498 and 499 taken in the senior year. Typically, Umaine engineering students build a thesis around research conducted within their home department. Some majors allow credit for an Honors Thesis in engineering to replace engineering electives or some of the capstone requirement.

The title of the honors thesis will show on the student’s transcript. For example, Rebecca Pollis, BS Civil Engineering, wrote her thesis on the environmental impact of tire chips on groundwater quality, and Peter Fogg, BS Chemical Engineering, wrote his thesis on the separation of paper fiber via dissolved air flotation.

For more information, check out the Honors College website at www.honors.umaine.edu