Gorman Emeriti Brunch

Since 2000, the Maine College of Engineering and Computing at the University of Maine began what has become one of our most enjoyable traditions where we celebrate the career of a distinguished emeritus faculty member at the annual Gorman Emeriti Brunch. Our thanks go out to James and Maureen Gorman who have made this event possible through their support.

2000    Dick Hill (Pajama Party) Mechanical Engineering
2001     Waldo Mac Libbey (Showtime) Electrical & Computer Engineering
2002     George Greenwood  (Cowboy Roadshow) Civil & Environmental Engineering
2003     Bill Ceckler (Confessions of an Outdoorsman)  Chemical & Biological Engineering
2004     Jerry Harmon (Physics of Subjective Reality)  Engineering Physics
2005     John Lyman (No Jokes Required)  Mechanical Engineering
2006     Carelton Brown (Three Ringed Circus) Electrical & Computer Engineering
2007     Karl Webster (Super Engineer) Engineering Technology
2008     Wayne Hamilton (First Associate Dean) Civil & Environmental Engineering
2009     Kim Mumme (The Renaissance Man) Chemical & Biological Engineering
2010     Paul Camp (World of Ice & Snow)  Engineering Physics
2011     Claude Westfall (Professor Fisherman)  Engineering Technology
2012     Donald Grant (The Cal Ripken of Academia)  Mechanical Engineering
2013     Fred Irons (The Mystery Hour) Electrical & Computer Engineering
2014     John Alexander (Canoe Rules) Civil & Environmental Engineering
2015    Charles W. Smith (Numismatic Relativity) Engineering Physics
2016     Norm Viger (The Art of the Draw) – School of Engineering Technology
2017     Douglas Ruthven  (Global Legend) – Chemical & Biological Engineering
2018     Willem F. Brutsaert  ( Radon Love ) – Civil & Environmental Engineering
2019     Herbert L. Crosby ( Efficiency in Motion ) – Mechanical Engineering Technology

For more information, please contact:
Chris Karlen